About 5,000 websites are attacked daily. Protect your website from hackers, malware, and viruses by using SiteLock.


Ensure the safety and trustworthiness of your online presence with SiteLock—an easy, economical, and highly effective security solution. As your vigilant guardian, SiteLock works tirelessly to automatically prevent attacks, boost customer trust, and provide you with peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your business.

Key Features:

  1. Automatically Prevents Attacks: SiteLock takes the hassle out of website security by continuously monitoring your website 24×7 for vulnerabilities and potential attacks. With SiteLock in place, you can redirect your attention from worrying about your website to growing your business confidently.
  2. Boosts Customer Trust: Over 70% of customers actively seek a sign of security before providing personal details online. SiteLock’s Trust Seal not only reassures customers but also significantly enhances sales. Build trust effortlessly and showcase your commitment to a secure online environment.
  3. Starts Working Instantly: Installing and setting up SiteLock for your website is a breeze—no technical expertise required. SiteLock is cloud-based, ensuring quick and hassle-free initiation. It begins scanning your website and email instantly, providing immediate protection for your digital assets.

How it Works:

  1. Scans Daily: SiteLock conducts a comprehensive daily scan of every aspect of your web presence. From your website and email to applications, search engine blacklists, and spam filters, SiteLock leaves no stone unturned in identifying and addressing potential security gaps.
  2. Identifies Threats: With a 360-degree scan and a robust firewall, SiteLock goes beyond the basics to identify advanced vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. Stay one step ahead of hackers, ensuring the integrity and security of your web presence.
  3. Instantly Notifies and Fixes: SiteLock not only identifies threats but also takes prompt action to fix them automatically. It operates seamlessly in the background, ensuring continuous protection for your website without disrupting your business operations. Trust SiteLock to keep your online space secure while you focus on delivering exceptional experiences to your customers.

Why Choose SiteLock?

  • Continuous Monitoring: SiteLock keeps a watchful eye on your website 24×7, providing real-time protection against vulnerabilities and attacks.
  • Trust Seal for Sales Boost: Display the SiteLock Trust Seal to build customer trust and enhance sales, reassuring visitors of your commitment to a secure online environment.
  • Instant Deployment: Enjoy hassle-free initiation with SiteLock’s cloud-based setup that starts scanning your website and email instantly.
  • Comprehensive Scans: SiteLock conducts daily scans covering every aspect of your web presence, ensuring no security gaps go unnoticed.
  • Automated Threat Resolution: SiteLock not only identifies threats but also automatically fixes them, allowing you to focus on your business with confidence.

Elevate your website security effortlessly with SiteLock—where ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and powerful protection converge to safeguard your digital assets and bolster customer trust.


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