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Discover a world of innovation with Luukal. Streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly solutions designed to simplify your everyday needs.


Cutting Edge Technology and AI Integration

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Dependable Hosting Solutions and Support


Ecommerce App Development

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Elevate your online business with our cutting-edge ecommerce app development services.

Custom Mobile Application

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Empower your business with a custom mobile application that stands out in the digital landscape.

Custom Website Development

Illustration of two people designing a website. One is positioning an image icon while the other is adjusting a large letter 'A' and a color palette on a giant computer screen. Speech bubbles, a gear icon, and various design elements surround them.

Transform your digital presence with our bespoke website development services.

WordPress Website Development​

Illustration of people working on a large computer screen with code symbols, graphs, and interfaces. One person is on a ladder using a magnifying glass to examine a graph, while another points at code. A mobile phone and various tech elements surround them.

Unlock the full potential of WordPress with our professional website development services

Custom Apps Development

Illustration of people working on web development. One person is on a ladder adjusting a screen interface, another is sitting on top of a monitor with a laptop, and a third person is looking at a mobile device. The backdrop has gears, leaves, and abstract shapes.

Unleash your business potential with our custom app development services.

WordPress Mobile Development

Extend your WordPress website’s reach with our expert mobile development services.

WordPress Website Development

Unlock the full potential of WordPress with our professional website development services.

Custom Apps Development

Unleash your business potential with our custom app development services.

Restaurant Web App Development

Illustration of a woman interacting with a giant smartphone displaying a burger. Surrounding her are icons, including a heart, play button, thumbs-up, and a gear. The background includes abstract shapes and leaves. The overall theme is digital interaction and social media.

Revolutionize your restaurant’s online presence with our specialized web app development solutions.

WooCommerce Website Development

Illustration of people shopping online for various electronic gadgets displayed on a large screen. Items include a drone, webcam, camera, gaming controller, and smartphone. One person stands on a ladder pointing at a webcam, another holds a coin, and a third pushes a cart.

Elevate your online store with our WooCommerce website development services.

WooCommerce Mobile Development

Illustration of two people standing next to a large smartphone. The person on the left has a beard and wears a purple top and red pants. The person on the right has long hair and wears a pink dress. Both are looking at their own phones. Background has abstract shapes.

Expand your e-commerce reach with our WooCommerce mobile development services.

WordPress Mobile Development

An illustration of a person with long hair and casual clothing interacting with an oversized touchscreen device. The screen displays various bright colored shapes and blocks. Abstract leaves and shapes in pastel colors are in the background.

Extend your WordPress website’s reach with our expert mobile development services.


Project Initiation and Planning

Lay the groundwork for your web application journey by defining objectives, conducting research, and engaging in detailed planning. This category encompasses the essential steps before the development kicks off.

Pre-Development Essentials

Define Objectives
Research & Planning
Design Phase
Quote and Contract Signing
Get started

Coding and Deployment Excellence

Embark on the development journey by coding your application based on approved designs. This category covers the core development phases, from backend setup to frontend implementation, testing, and deployment.

Development Journey

Development Kickoff
Get started

Support and Continuous Improvement

Ensure the success of your web application by providing post-launch support, implementing analytics, and planning for future enhancements. This category focuses on ongoing maintenance, marketing, and optimization efforts.

Post-Launch Success & Optimization

Post-Launch Support
Marketing & Launch
Analytics & Optimization
Future Enhancements
Get started
1. Quote Request

Request with business goals and outline the purpose and key features of your application.

2. Define Objectives

Gather the requirements and conduct basic research to understand the target audience.

3. Sign Contract

Sign a contract outlining project scope, timelines and deliverables.

4. Plan

Create a comprehensive project plan outlining timelines and milestones.

5. Design

Craft an intuitive and user-friendly interface and gather feedback from client.

6. Development

Begin coding based on the approved design with regular code reviews to ensure quality.

7. Test

Conduct rigorous testing for functionality, security, and performance. And fix bugs found.

8. Deploy

Deploy the web application to a live server and implement production security measures.

9. Delivery

Perform a final client review and receive confirmation of completion prior to delivery.

10. Post Launch Support (90 Days)

Provide post launch maintenance and support.

11. Marketing & Launch (Optional)

Develop a marketing strategy for the web application launch.

12. Analytics & Optimization (Optional)

Implement analytics tools to track user behavior.

13. Long Term Support (Optional)

Provide long term support based on maintenance contract.

“Working with Luukal was great for our business! I love how dedicated their team was nailing our requirements. Love the website and mobile app.”

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Among the many services offered by Luukal include hosting options, application development, and unique website design. We tailor our services according to each client’s specific needs.

Among the many services offered by Luukal include hosting options, application development, and unique website design. We tailor our services according to each client’s specific needs.

To ensure a seamless development process, we have streamlined the process and provide you with an onboarding form that walks you trough answering simple questions that have been customized to your business type. This form guides you to providing us with all the detailed information that will allows us to provide you with a truly customized website or application that will help you achieve your goals and let you reach your target audience.

The terms and amounts of payments will be specified in your specific agreement with Luukal. For your convenience, we accept a variety of payment methods, and payments are usually arranged in accordance with project milestones.

Yes, we provide specialized hosting services to meet your demands. For your website or application, our hosting solutions guarantee peak speed, security, and scalability.

After your project launch, Luukal offers continuing help to handle any problems or worries you may have with an initial service agreement that last 3 months with an option to extend the agreement in 6-12 month increments for an additional fee. Please contact us if you need help, and a member of our support staff will get back to you right away.

Unless otherwise specified in writing, any intellectual property created by Luukal is our property. To make sure your demands are satisfied, we can talk about particular intellectual property agreements.

Throughout the development stage, we keep you informed on the progress of your project on a regular basis. We might also provide you with access to project management tools to help communication and teamwork.

We understand that the project requirements may alter. Any modifications to the project scope that may affect the project’s budget and timeline will be discussed and decided upon through a formal change request procedure.


You can contact our customer service staff by visiting our Contact Page or sending an email to [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

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